Charlemagne Prize 2020

Charlemagne Prize 2020

Each year, the Board of Directors of the Society for the Conferring of the International Charlemagne Prize decides on the winner of the next year’s Charlemagne Prize. This independent 17-member body gladly accepts, and treats as confidential, recommendations from civil society, from political, economic, scientific and media fields, and also from cultural and social spheres. We would be delighted to receive nominations together with an explanation (in German, English or French) that indicates the significant contributions of the proposed person or organization to the process of European integration.

We invite you to submit your nominations for the coming year to the following address:

Direktorium der Gesellschaft für die Verleihung des Internationalen Karlspreises zu Aachen, Grashaus, Fischmarkt 3, D-52062 Aachen, or

Please understand, however, that, because of the confidentiality of the proceedings, we can only announce the actual winner and the reasons for awarding the prize to that particular person or organisation.


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