Laudation (extract) by Marcel Philipp

Laudation (extract) Mayor Marcel Philipp on the laureate:

[…] ‘Europe has to face up to its global responsibilities. This does not mean being able to solve all of the world’s problems, or that we are responsible for them all, but it does mean espousing humanity. And that in itself is such a great challenge that we can only succeed together, or not at all. Families can only succeed together, cities can only succeed together, Europe can only succeed together, or not at all. So the question is: Are we going to succeed? Are we strong enough, united enough, humane enough? Can we even regain control of our situation at all? Europe has proved time and again that crises can be overcome. The key to getting this crisis under control lies in the stability of our values: these can be nurtured in each and every one of us. Pope Francis is a godsend for Europe on this difficult stretch of its path forwards. The Holy Father looks at Europe with eyes from south of the North-South divide and, as Supreme Pastor of the world community of Catholic Churches, sees clearly through the veil of affluence just how warped and ensnared in contradictions our continent is. The Christian message is just as important to him as is openness to interreligious dialogue. One special blessing is the current Jubilee Year, the Year of Mercy, a virtue which is fundamentally common to Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths.’ […]