Charlemagne Youth Prize

The ‘European Charlemagne Youth Prize’ is the most recent development in the Charlemagne Prize concept. The prize is awarded by the Charlemagne Prize Foundation in Aachen, in cooperation with the European Parliament. The prize honors not individuals, but projects run by persons between the ages of 16 and 30. The projects must contribute to international cooperation, promoting ‘the development of a shared sense of European identity’ and providing a model for how Europeans can live together as a community.

Young people from all of the EU member states submit their projects to a preliminary competition to be considered for the Charlemagne Youth Prize. In the first selection phase, national juries nominate the winning projects from the individual countries. From these 27 national winners, a European jury then chooses the three best projects to receive a total of 15,000 euros.

More information can be found here. Meet the 2023 winners.

European Charlemagne Youth Prize