Rede von Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Rede von Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Mr President,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr President, let me call you a friend. You are a friend of Ukraine, you are a friend of the European Union, and you are a great person. A person of great dignity and great respect. You’ve guided the European Union through extremely challenging times – through economic meltdown, insecurity, through quiet difficult periods. But you succeeded! Due to your strong positions, due to your skills – you are one of the best in the European Union, who can create the real compromise, who can guide and who can govern.

I do remember the times, when you did everything to avoid the bloodshed in my country. The people of Ukraine have a great trust in you personally. And we do remember your high contribution in preserving peace and stability in Ukraine. This is a right place here, in Aachen, to talk about peace. Peace is what we need. No one is allowed to revise the outcomes of the II World War. No one has the right to violate the UN Charter and to draw new lines in Europe, and to build new walls in Europe.

Mr President and distinguished audience, you made the history of my country too – when we together with you signed the political part of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

We need to think about new Europe. Bigger one. We do understand all repercussions related to the EU enlargement. But this is not just about enlargement to include new countries. We need to extend our values. We need to fight for peace and freedom – to have peace and to have freedom for our people. We have to fight. This is our obligation using all tools and means. That’s what people of the European Union, of Ukraine ask for. I strongly believe that we will succeed!

Mr President, due to your contribution, due to your efforts and due to our unity, we will have strong Europe, strong European Union and strong Ukraine.

Let me praise you once again – you deserve this prize. Thank you for your assistance and for your help. Thank you, Mr President!